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Share your success with us

Do you want to be part of a strong entity that has proven its success during the previous years in several fields and different services?

Thanks to God, through a wide network of agreements with Turkish universities. We have the elements of success from knowing the needs of our customers through our experience, especially with regard to educational services and the establishment of schools and educational centers. We managed to get a good reputation and by being our agent you also share this success with us.

What the IBC will bring to you?

  • Wide spread, through exclusive contracts and privileges that you get through us
  • Premium commissions from profits
  • The possibility of obtaining free scholarships after reaching a predetermined number of students
  • Ongoing analysis of customer needs and the market in general
  • Provide effective methods and tips for marketing and increasing the number of students registered with you
  • Providing continuous support in order to solve the problems of your customers through the relationships and mutual trust between us and our partners
  • Training the agent’s work team on the rules that must be followed in order to reach the highest results while taking into account the quality in providing services
  • Access to our system to get to know the best universities, their features and prices
  • Agent support during the marketing and sales phases
  • A wide market for your customers in all the countries in which we operate.

What you will provide as an agent:

  • Your Marketing and Customer Service Team
  • Marketing our services as agreed upon during the contract A commitment not to collect fees for student registration except within the framework of what is determined by us
  • Ensure your team adheres to company laws
  • Follow-up students after registration and provide them with services for at least one year
  • Providing and providing what the market requires in order to enroll the largest number of students
  • Monthly and quarterly report on marketing and sales performance
  • Contact us, we are waiting for you

Contact information:

Mobile: 00905340789498 – Whatsapp + Viber
[email protected]
[email protected]

To communicate in Arabic:
You can view all programs through our website

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