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Real aviation training courses at the best airports in Istanbul for practical training and through training at the Aviation Academy on real and modern equipment.
You can possess the profession of the future and become a captain pilot, transfer to you the practical experiences of Turkish pilots, and obtain a plane pilot certificate that gives you many advantages and experiences.

  • Modular ATPL(A) Frozen Training Course
  • ATPL(A) Integrated Training Course
  • MPL Integrated Training Course

Cabin Crew Aviation Training

Goal of the Course

Flight attandent is a qualified person responsible for ensuring passenger safety and comfort by fulfilling flight safety measures deemed suitable by national and international civil aviation authorities in accordance with operating instructions which are connected to the airline’s quality and flight safety standards during the flight duty. The aim of the Istanbul Aviation Academy Cabin Crew Course is to train the ideal cabin crew in compliance with national and international legislation.

SmartLynx Cabin Crew Instructor Training Courses | SmartLynx Airlines
Cabin Crew – IBC

Aviation English:

If you want to make a career in the aviation sector it is becoming increasingly important to have a good English and to prove this.
The official language of aviation is English.

Our Aviation English programs contain the perfect combination of General English and Aviation English concentrated on your level of English. Your Aviation English with our programs and using of general English effectively in your daily and business life will give you technical informations that will allow you to perform your profession much better. At the end of the program, You will have gained English speaking skills with right pronunciation besides getting the level of English you imagine.

Aviation English for pilot training - Egmont Training
Aviation English: – Istanbul Businesses Center

DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations)
Goal of the Course

The aim of the course is to gain the necessary skills for the preparation of dangerous goods, to improve the awareness of legal demands and business restrictions, to find out how to support your organization to comply with dangerous goods standards, to improve the ability to identify insufficient connections inside your handling procedures, to solve the security problems and learn how to apply these in your workplace and to take your cargo handling skills to top spot by sending these types of goods.

Train the Trainer

Goal of the Course

Trainers Training program planned to be implemented by Istanbul Aviation Academy is intended to improve presentation skills and instructiveness skills of individuals who will serve at least in the trainer status in the future.

Trainees who complete this training program will have provided better service in trainings they will be assigned to.

Airline Management

Goal of the Course

It is a training programme that is prepared to apply necessary informations about necessary ticketing at sales offices and ground handling/passenger services at airports, to comprehend the importance of customers at airlines, to get necessary basic skills to manage effective and properly, to do business planning at airlines, to develop sales and marketting strategies, to evaluate basic and general concepts of airline accounting as a director, to perform human resources management functionally at airline.

Diction and Body Language

Goal of the Course
To communicate correctly within the scope of Aviation sector is really important either in terms of career development or the success of the work. The purpose of Diction and Body Language Training which is planned by Istanbul Aviation Academy is to provide for trainees to speak Turkish properly, resolve speaking and expression mistakes and become skillful at social self confidence by effective communication skills.

Istanbul Business Center suggests

We recommend you to get this training if you are in communication with passengers in the line of your job at aviation sector.

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