Finance for Non-Finance Professionals - Our Best courses 30

Istanbul Business Center – IBC

  • Certified programs
  • Participatory training with Turkish universities
  • Customized training programs
  • Programs specially designed for the government sector
  • Needs analysis and custom software delivery
  • Interactive training
  • Innovation and future foresight certification programs
Istanbul business center

Needs analysis and Programs delivery:

  • Questionnaire and surveys: in the case of large groups
  • Direct monitoring: when performance can be monitored and observed
  • Focus groups: They are flexible and provide access to in-depth information
  • Interviews with managers: to explore hidden information
  • Psychometric assessment and evaluation: determining the level of existing skills and capabilities

Assessment centers

  • Design: a general framework for competencies. Defining assessment tools and means
  • Subjective Measurement: Personality, Talent, Values, and Motivations, Emotional Intelligence 360⁰
  • Simulation exercises: group and fact-finding exercises, role-playing and analysis, face-to-face coaching
  • Competency-based interviews: competency questions, evidence-based responses, impartial interviews
  • Reports: Reports submitted to management and reports on individuals
  • One-to-one feedback sessions: A qualified counselor comes face to face with the candidate for the review and feedback session
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